UPTIME is a company of "350 technicians for technicians"

We are ready to respond to sharp demands in ever-changing technologies.
We are the leading ICT integrator for large companies, the public sector and the hospitals in both the North and the South.

We are specialized in data center, storage, networking, virtualization, consolidation, BU, DRP and security projects. As well as for specialized consulting, Flex Support and Monitoring contracts and a whole range of new cloud tools (Iaas, Saas, Aaas, Paas, DBaas, BUaas, DRaas, Securityaas ...)

UPTIME is the "infrastructure" part of the CRONOS Group, with 5,000 employees specialized in development (Oracle, SAP, MS Sharepoint, IBM websphere, Java, Drupal, ...) 'To GDPR security experts, etc.) but also the outsourcing of sharp profiles, project managers, exchange managers, ...

We are completely independent of the manufacturers in order to be perfectly attentive to your needs and offer you the most appropriate technological solution, offering the best value for money / deployment / scalability thanks to a permanent technological watch, knowledge New technologies and a flexible approach to the market.

The UPTIME divisions have the following characteristics:
• flexible, responsive and customer-oriented,
• trained, certified and focused on their own and pioneer competence centers, while guaranteeing a very high level of quality (95% expert - 300 technical profiles internal to your department on the 350 people within UPTIME GROUP)
• working together to collaborate and collaborate in multi-technology projects (many workshops and internal proof-of-concept)
• "different" and creative in their approach to validate all phases and lead to their full success, the projects of our customers, with result objective, in win-win partnership with our customers.